Tiffin, OH
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ballreich's potato chips

Flavors available: Original, BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar.

Cheese Curds

Half pound of delicious white cheddar cheese curds served with either ranch or pizza sauce

onion petals

Served with bistro sauce.

pickle fRIes

Served with ranch dressing.

soft pretzel sticks

Served with beer cheese.

breaded mushrooms

Served with ranch dressing.


Served with cinnamon honey butter

funnel cake fries

Served with chocolate sauce.
Ask about our seasonal dipping sauces.

Bacon Cheesy Garlic Bread

Topped with garlic romano & served with pizza sauce
$3.29 / $5.29

Cheesy Garlic Bread

Topped with garlic romano & served with pizza sauce
$1.99 / $3.49

Premium Subs


Juicy sirloin steak sautéed with caramelized onions and roasted red peppers. Topped with house-sliced provolone cheese and house-made steakhouse aioli.

flaming chicken

Chicken breast, Hot Pepper cheese, jalapeños and house-made kickin' buffalo sauce.

pepperoni melt

Deli pepperoni layered generously with provolone cheese and house-made pizza sauce. Topped with garlic romano.

turkey or chicken bacon ranch

Slow roasted turkey stacked with bacon, pepper jack cheese, and creamy ranch. Served on a sub roll.

the italian stallion

Genoa salami, Capicola, and provolone cheese baked to perfection with red onion, pepperoncinis, and tomato. Finished with our house Italian dressing.

the gobbler

Everyday is Thanksgiving with this sandwich! Roasted turkey breast stacked with stuffing and finished with our tangy house cranberry aioli.

ham & swiss

Ham and Guggisberg Swiss cheese, topped with lettuce, tomato and mayo.

chicken parm

Chicken breast, house pizza sauce, provolone cheese and a garlic romano sprinkle.


Crispy Bacon loaded on our Artisan sub bun with lettuce, tomato, and mayo.

chicken cordon bleu

Grilled chicken, house-sliced ham, and Guggisburg swiss cheese topped with Honey Mustard.

pulled pork

Slow-cooked pork smothered in your choice of house-made BBQ or Carolina Mustard and topped with creamy coleslaw.

chicken philly

Try our famous steak sub with chicken instead!


Pick your burger size! Single / Double / Triple / Homerun

All American Burger

American cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, white onion.
$5.49 / $7.99 / $10.49 / $13.49

Pretzel Bacon Cheesy Burger

A premium upgrade to our famous Bacon Cheesy Burger. American cheese, Bacon, and Fat Tire beer cheese on a delicious pretzel bun.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.99 / $14.99

Bacon Cheesy Burger

Bacon and extra American cheese piled high.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.99 / $14.99

Greek Burger

Cucumber, red peppers, feta cheese and house-made cilantro jalapeno hummus.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.99 / $14.99

Pizza Burger

Deli style pepperoni, provolone cheese and house pizza sauce.
$5.99 / $8.49 / $10.99 / $13.99

Steakhouse Burger

Caramelized onions, red peppers, sautéed mushrooms, provolone cheese and our house steakhouse aioli.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.49 / $14.99

Cowboy Burger

Crispy onion petals, white cheddar cheese, bacon and house BBQ sauce.
$6.49 / $8.99 / $11.49 / $14.49

Southwest Burger

White Cheddar cheese, corn salsa, lettuce, tomato and roasted jalapeno ranch sauce.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.99 / $14.99

Chili Burger

Our house chili, hot pepper cheese and Carolina mustard sauce.
$5.99 / $8.49 / $10.99 / $13.99

Buffalo Bleu Cheese Burger

Hot pepper cheese, red onion, jalapeno and house buffalo sauce. Served with bleu cheese dressing on the side.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.99 / $14.99

Piggy Burger

Slow-cooked pork smothered in white cheddar cheese. Topped with creamy coleslaw and house-made BBQ or Carolina Mustard.
$6.99 / $9.49 / $11.99 / $14.99

Mushroom Swiss Burger

Sautéed Mushroom and Guggisberg swiss cheese.
$5.99 / $8.49 / $10.99 / $13.99



House-sliced ham, turkey, bacon, white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, and house-made Honey Mustard dressing. Served on a brioche bun.

The Greek

Fresh sliced cucumber, tomato, red onion, black olive, and roasted red peppers on sourdough bread with feta cheese and cilantro jalapeno hummus.

The Alpine

The classic breaded cutlet sandwich, back by popular demand. Available at Tiffin location only.


Our take on a Cuban sandwich. House pulled pork, sliced ham, Swiss, dill pickles, & Carolina mustard on thick-sliced, toasted sourdough bread.

The Spicy Stallion

House-sliced provolone, hot pepper cheese, salami, roasted red peppers, and pepperoncini with a side of Italian dressing. Served on thick-sliced, toasted sourdough bread.

Wild Turkey

House-sliced white cheddar cheese, hot pepper cheese, house-sliced turkey, and a side of Hot Garlic Parmesan dressing. Served on thick-sliced, toasted sourdough bread.

Build your own Grilled Cheese

American cheese on toasted sourdough
Add cheese $0.75 each:
Shredded Cheddar, Provolone, Swiss, Hot Pepper Cheddar, Feta
Add meat $1.00 each:
Ham, Bacon, Turkey, Capicolla, Chicken, Pepperoni, Salami.
Add premium toppings $0.50 each:
Roasted Red Peppers, Sautéed Mushroom, Caramelized Onion, Standout Seasoning

Crispy Chicken

Breaded, crispy chicken breast tossed in buffalo
sauce with white cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato,
pickle, and topped with chipotle aioli. Served on a
brioche bun.

chicken wings

jumbo bone-in wings

Please call us for prices and availability.

boneless wings

Half Pound
Full Pound
Juicy breaded boneless chicken wings perfectly fried and tossed in your sauce of choice. Served with ranch or bleu cheese.

House-made wing sauces

Buffalo Ranch
Carolina Mustard
Chipotle Ranch
Classic Buffalo
Creamy Garlic Parmesan
House BBQ
Honey BBQ
Honey Mustard
Hot Garlic Parm
Kickin' Buffalo
Roasted Jalapeno Ranch


original fresh cut fries

Crispy, salty perfection. Enough said.
$3.49 / $5.99

Seasoned Curly Fries

Crispy, seasoned curly fries.
$3.49 / $5.99

standout fries

Our signature blend of parmesan cheese, herbs, and spices.
$4.49 / $6.49

Cheesy Bacon Fries

Fresh cut fries, white cheddar cheese, crisp bacon, and topped with creamy ranch.
$6.29 / $10.49

chicken bacon ranch fries

Juicy grilled chicken, crispy bacon, and white cheddar cheese topped with ranch dressing.
$7.29 / $11.99

cheesy fries

Fresh cut fries smothered in Fat Tire Beer cheese.
$4.99 / $8.99

chili cheese fries

Topped with rich homemade chili and a generous layer of white Cheddar cheese.
$6.29 / $10.99

pizza fRIEs

Sliced pepperoni and capicolla on top of our fresh cut fries, topped with melted provolone cheese. Topped with pizza sauce.
$7.29 / $11.99

buffalo chicken fries

Chicken breast, buffalo jack cheese, and topped with house hot garlic parmesan sauce. Served with a side of ranch or blue cheese.
$6.29 / $10.49

philly fries

Sirloin steak, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, provolone cheese and topped with steakhouse aioli. Large size only

Chicken Philly Fries

Just like our Philly Fries, but with chicken! Caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, and provolone all topped with steakhouse aioli. Large size only.

piggy fries

Slow-cooked pork smothered in white cheddar cheese. Topped with coleslaw and house-made BBQ or Carolina Mustard.
$7.29 / $11.99


Your choice of Jalapeno Cheddar or Sun-dried Tomato wrap.

Southwest Chicken Wrap

Grilled or crispy chicken, house made corn salsa, lettuce and shredded cheddar cheese. All wrapped up in a jalapeno cheddar wrap with ranch or our chipotle ranch.

Buffalo Chicken

Grilled or crispy chicken tossed in our classic buffalo with shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch.


Lettuce, cucumber. red onion, tomatoes, pepperoncini's, and black olives topped with feta cheese and hummus.

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Grilled or crispy chicken, bacon, lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and ranch.


House-sliced turkey and ham, bacon, tomatoes, and lettuce topped with shredded cheddar cheese, and honey mustard.

Chicken Ceaser wrap

Grilled or crispy chicken, parmesan cheese, lettuce, tomato, croutons and Caesar dressing.


Dressings:  Blue Cheese, Caesar, Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, Italian, Red French, Red Wine Vinaigrette

House Salad

Red onion, tomato, croutons, parmesan cheese, and house Italian dressing.
side $2.29 / med. $4.49 / large $7.49

Zesty chicken

Our Boneless chicken wings or grilled chicken tossed in the wing sauce of your choice. Cucumber, red onion, tomato and shredded cheddar cheese. Served with ranch or bleu cheese.
large $8.99


Cucumber, black olive, red onion, pepperoncinis, tomato and feta. Red wine vinaigrette.
med. $5.49 / large $8.49

Chicken Caesar

Parmesan cheese, tomatoes, croutons, and caesar dressing.
med. $4.99 / large $7.99

Chef Salad

Our house sliced ham & turkey with cucumber, tomato, hard boiled egg,  cheddar cheese, and house-made garlic croutons. Served with ranch. Served with Italian dressing.
med. $5.99 / large $9.49

Chicken Bacon Ranch Salad

Grilled chicken, crispy bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and red onion. Served with ranch dressing.
large $8.99


House-sliced Salami and ham, black olives, tomato, peppercinnis, and provolone cheese.
med. $5.49 / large $8.49


Boneless Chicken Wings and Fries

Served with a side of dipping sauce.

Cheeseburger and Fries


Grilled Cheese and Fries


Pizza Sandwich and Fries



we deliver beer!

Bud Light - Miller Lite - Coors Light - Michelob Ultra - Budweiser

soda cans

Pepsi - Diet Pepsi  - Mountain Dew - 
Dr. Pepper - MIST TWST - MUG Root Beer - Gatorade Fruit Punch
$1.00 each

soda 2-liters

Pepsi - Diet Pepsi - Mountain Dew - 
Dr. Pepper - MIST TWST - MUG Root Beer
$2.49 each

House Made Lemonade


Fresh Brewed Iced Tea